Bicycle Touring Club
of North Jersey

Local Cycling Events Calendar Information

The Bicycle Touring Club of North Jersey, as a public service to bicyclists in the tri state area around New York City, provides a public cycling calendar for any public cycling event. This can include one day tours, charity rides, races, multiday events, or even bicycle shows or cycling events where cycling is not directly involved.

Anyone can add an event to our schedule. Once we approve it, it will become public and listed on our web site until the day following the start of the event. We reserve the right to not post an event, or edit the content as we see fit.

Read the descriptions below, then click the link at the bottom of the page to add your event.

The following fields are required:


This is the name of the event, what it is generally known as. This will appear on the first page of the listing, so it should be clear.


The event type can be one of the following:
Tours are untimed and generally no mass start, and no prizes.
Fund raising would be the primary reason for this event.
Races are timed events, often with mass starts and prizes for places.
Cycling Related
Any event where actual bicycling is not the primary focus, but it relates to cycling.

Event Date

This is the start date of the event. It is the first day of a multiday event. Your listing will be displayed on this date, but not after.

Number Of Days

Normally one, this is the number of days the event runs for.

Start Location

Address where the event starts or is located.


We accept events in the following states: New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pensylvaina, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Delaware, Maryland, and Maine.


This is a free form text field which should describe your event. You are free to put any information in this field.

Private Email

This is your email address. It will not be made public. We will use it to contact you if we have questions about your event. You will not be able to change your private email address once you save the event, so make sure it is correct.

The following fields are NOT required, but highly recommended:


Most events have multiple distances you can ride. We allow you to list up to 6, but feel free to add additional route information in the description.

Start Time

This is the time the event starts, or when it opens to the public. This is simply provided for organizational information only to make it easy for people to find in the description.

Web Site

We highly recommend you include a web site link. This allows people to find even more information about event. We will present it so users can simply click it and will be taken to the page you supply.

Public Contact

This should be a person's name from your organization. If it is not filled out, we will just refer to the Event Organizer.

Public Email

This is the email address of the person you want contacted in your organization if one of our web site vistors has a question about your event. We do not publish your email addresses on the web so it can not be picked up by web crawlers and be a source of SPAM. We only allow a user to fill out a form and we send it to you directly without the user seeing your email address. If you respond to them, they will see your email address.

Private Contact

This should be a person's name in your organization. We will not show this on the web site. We will only use it to contact you in case we have questions about your event.


If you supply a password, you can use that in combination with the Private Email address to change your listing at a later date. If you don't supply a password, you will not be able to change the listing once you submit it. You also can NOT change your password once you save it, so make a note of it.

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