Upcoming Rides


   A 8:15am    59 miles miles   Alex Sidd  
   Come climb with me- Hi, High Tor:   hello, members ! We got a great climbing route for you this Saturday! We will be visiting some famous climbs like "hillside" , "toga hill" & " High Tor". Under 59 miles and 3600 feet of elevation. The pace on the flats will be (18-21mph) and up the climbs will be (7-10mph). We will regroup as needed and stop for mechanical. Bring nutrition,gels,pocket food . First and only rest stop is mile 35. Rain cancels. please familiarize self with route. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/19127828 Terrain: Hilly 56-75

   B* 9:15am    48 miles   Rich Brookler  201-913-0635
   Clausland Repeat to Nyack:   Meet at 9:15 - Leave at 9:30. Short stop at Runcible Spoon. We need to be back before the rain! No cue sheets provided. Print your own or load to your GPS device. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/19182046Terrain: Rolling 26-45

   B 9:15am    52 miles   Donald Smith  646-255-0574
   Stone Mountain here we come:   Note: Ride will not go in rain or wet roads. Terrain: Hilly 56-75. Ride starts promptly at 9:30am. Rest stop at the "Spoon" in Nyack. Second rest stop if needed at Gas Station on Saddle River Road. Eat to maintain strength.

   B 9:30am    40 +/- miles   Lance Kraai  -
   help us get back in shape again:   This will be a nice ride for getting back in shape. It will be a no cue sheet ride with a moderate b pace. Plan to do a few warm up miles then a couple of loops up Freeman to strengthen our climbing. Everyone can do this at their own pace then we can regroup for a ride to a stop in Saddle River. After the hill training this will be a rolling ride. We plan to stay close to home incase the weather changes. Note: Ride will not go in rain or wet roads. Terrain: Rolling 26-45

   C* 10:00am    25-35 miles   Carol Oxley  973-278-0243
   3 County Ride:   Note: Ride will not go in rain or wet roads. Riding at a higher C+ pace level. Note: RSVP because if no one signs up definitely, I may not show up. Signed up riders will receive notice of changes and cancellation. Leisurely lunch stop. No calls after 8:00PM or before 8:00AM. Call home # if you have any questions. Only use cell day of ride after 9:00 AM.Terrain: Rolling 26-45 with some possible small climbs.

   C 9:45am    27 miles   Matthew Hoermann  973-865-0240
   Oakland to Lincoln Park via Bloomingdale:   Mostly flat cruiser route out to Lincoln Park and back via Bloomingdale. Here is the link: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/18594588. Coffee/comfort stop at Dunkin donuts in Lincoln Park. Our starting location will be in the gravel lot next to the tennis courts on Oak St (turn left off Lawlor onto Oak).  Note: Ride will not go in rain or wet roads. Terrain: Flat 0-25


   B* 9:45am    41 miles   Keith Schlanger  551-427-1648
    David Beagles Or Bust:   Try this ride last Monday, but we got blown off course and ended up in Nyack. This time no matter what will make it to David Beagles. Meet 9:45 depart at 10:00. GPS for Ride https://ridewithgps.com/trips/6293812 Notes: Will not go in rain or wet roads.Note: Ride will not go in rain or wet roads. Terrain: Rolling 26-45

   B 10:00am    43-46 miles   Margaret Fontana  973-818-4011
   Bagels in the Park, Smith Field:   Another weekend Ride with Bob D and Margaret F. We will be heading to Smith Field, Parsippany. This time there are only 2-3 hills, but we will regroup after the climbs, as usual. Please bring plenty to drink. Bagel stop and picnic in the Park, if it is not too cold. Note: Ride will not go in rain or wet roads. Terrain: Moderately hilly 46-55

   B 10:00am    40-50 miles   Rob Singer  973-662-0476
   BACKYARD SUNDAY YOUR WAY:   You pick the direction, distance and speed, I'll provide the route! Speed on flat/rolling/hilly terrain can reach B* level at times. Terrain: Moderately hilly to rolling.

   C* 10:00am    33 miles   Joel Ringer  201-791-6174
   Bergen County Mash-Up Original:   Note: Ride will noto go in rain or wet roads. Terrain: High end of rolling. 45-46. I am dusting off an old favorite - a mashup of several segments from familiar Bergen County Rides. I have been only on a handful of rides since last spring and think that Sunday will be a good day to start getting back into the grove. The ride will be at a moderate, true C*, pace. There will be some climbs but, nothing too challenging. We will regroup at the top of each climb. The ride starts at the Duck Pond and wanders up to the top of Bergen County near Ramapo College. There will be a quick rest stop at Morano's in Ramsey and a requisite photo-op on the Ridegwood Crest. Hoping to see you.Terrain: Rolling 26-45

   MC 12:00pm    25 miles   Dennis Budnik  908-442-5684
   Meander on the McDade.:   This is a trail ride on a gravel and somewhat hilly trail (not a technical "single-track"). MTBs only. We'll start riding through flat fields then into nifty rolling switchbacks then come some harder climbs (hard but not impossible). Rest stop at the end then... we'll return the same way. No one dropped (we'll wait for you if you give it "your all"). Bathrooms along the way and possible deli stop at Bushkill. Bring snacks, energy bars, fluids. Do not max out your tires for this gig (no more than half the rated max pressures- trust me). For more info call me: 908-442-5684.Terrain: Very hilly 76-100


   C* 10:00am    33-38+/- miles   Peter Bellin  845-357-8941
   Airmont/Airmount Cool:   Challenging terrain with typically 1200 to 2000ft of climbing. Ride is for solid C* riders. Rest stop/possible deli stop. No cue. We us the no-drop drop system. Signed up riders will receive notice of changes and cancellation. Note: Ride will not go in rain or wet roads. Terrain: Moderately hilly 46-55


   B 10:00am    35-40 miles   Ralph Pantuso  201-252-2019
   Thursday Morning Social: 2017:   Note: Ride will not go in rain or wet roads. Terrain: Rolling 26-45 PLEASE NOTE: Ride will not go if the forecasted high temperature for the day is below 40 degrees. The Thursday Morning Social has made riding GREAT again so please come and be part of these fabulous and very social rides for the 2017 season. As always the ride will be a fun filled, leisurely paced B ride. Route to be determined day of the ride. Lunch stop but no cue sheets. Newcomers welcome. Please note: the ride leader promises that as long as a true "B" pace (13.0 to 14.9 mph) can be kept by a rider then NO ONE will be dropped. Remember that the TMS (Thursday Morning Social) ride is the longest running weekday morning ride in the BTCNJ.